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Inflight Science: A Guide To The World From Your Airplane Window (2011)

by Brian Clegg(Favorite Author)
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1848312415 (ISBN13: 9781848312418)
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review 1: Inflight Science gives a brief tour of some major science concepts set loosely around the fact that you're supposed to read it on a plane. There are miniature "experiments" to carry out whilst airborne (e.g. throwing a ball of paper in the air and noting that it doesn't fly to the back of the plane). There's nothing especially wrong with this concept. It's nature means that the explanations are brief, and the science discussed doesn't go much above school-level. Some of the links to being inflight are tenuous at best: syphons are explained because toilets on planes don't use them, for example. My main complaints about this book are that it's a touch simple, and a touch bland. There isn't all that much about the science of flight, which is disappointing.All-in-all, it's a s... moreo-so book that whizzes through a few probably familiar scientific concepts. It might get you through a short flight, but you won't remember much of it once you land, and there are much better things you could be reading.
review 2: I should've figured that this book would be rather below my level -- I was an RAF cadet as a teen and was rather interested in the long classes we had on stuff like the priciples of flight. So this book didn't teach me much, being very accessible and basic. If you know very little about flight, it could be quite interesting -- if you were ever a cadet long enough to have flown a Vigilant glider or a Grob Tutor plane, chances are there's nothing new for you! less
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Good read for a long flight, won't explain a lot of aviation but it has good science.
Fun book, but a bit off- putting with British English and selling.
Great fun, shame about the poor quality photos though.
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