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Wonders Of The Solar System (2010)

by Brian Cox(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 3
0007386907 (ISBN13: 9780007386901)
review 1: This book (it was intended to accompany the BBC TV series) are fascinating windows on to a subject which although is very visible and accessible is still bewildering and in some cases a little intimidating. The book takes you on a tour of a number of subjects showing lavish images from the latest (at the time of going to press at least) developments and discoveries. If there was ever a book to fire the imagination and get someone interesting in the science and wonder of the solar system this is certainly as good a point to start as any.
review 2: Although it's been an interesting read so far, unfortunately it uses the same device as the TV series to explain various concepts. Whilst this may be useful on occasion, unfortunately I found the TV version images to
... morebe more like a travelogue and the images were too distracting from the concepts being explained.It seems that Prof. Cox allowed some arty producer/director to use the images to dumb it all down - as so often happens when people who've only done media studies and social studies get involved with proper science. It's almost as if they don't trust us to be able to understand the concepts being explained (for further proof just look what they did to anything with maths, or chemistry) and poor old Prof. Jim Al-Kalili (sorry if I spelt his name wrong), but each time the programmes end up like an episode of "Wish You Were Here".Other than that the books by Prof. Cox are a fascinating read.... less
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nicely made. worth watching. he is a little bit like Attenborough on e :)
How do u actually read the book!
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