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The Girl Of Hrusch Avenue (2000)

by Brian McClellan(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: This book, although formed with a great idea, was tedious. It felt like the main character had a learning disability in terms of putting simple pieces together. I get that in some parts the he was in denial, and could not see obvious things, but even after that it seemed none of the characters had any cognitive reasoning whatsoever. Maybe this was dumbed down for the masses, but it was endlessly frustrating.The "mysteries" we obvious as soon as they were presented, with the way the wife and Rickey acted, and I saw all the twists and turns a mile away. I just wanted to get to the parts I knew were coming and when I got to them my frustration didn't decrease any.This was a really interesting idea and Crichton's grasp on programming concepts was pretty good, but the plot exec... moreution left a bad taste in my mouth.
review 2: This is a short little book set ten or so years before the events in Promise of Blood. I picked it up immediately after finishing Promise of Blood because I just enjoyed the world and characters so much.The Girl of Hrusch Avenue is the story of how Vlora, Taniel and Bo met. Vlora is an orphan run-away from a cruel mistress at a boarding school. She spends her time on Hrusch Avenue near the gunsmiths. For some reason she is drawn to this street - as is Taniel. The children have a variety of adventures and Vlora eventually falls into the household of Taniel's father, Tamas, who senses her latent powers.It was a fun, quick read. I thought this book did a better job of illustrating the rot of the old order than did Promise of Blood. It was a nice counter-point and helped flesh out that world. less
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Vlora as a ten year old, meets Taniel. Too short!
A pretty good little story about Vlora.
Ahh. Its ok. Not worth your time
good but too short
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