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Northlanders, Vol. 7: The Icelandic Trilogy (2013)

by Brian Wood(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 1
140123691X (ISBN13: 9781401236915)
review 1: On the whole I have enjoyed The Northlanders series, but I found The Icelandic Trilogy lacking and failing to keep my interest. The art was good and evocative of the time and place. However, the characters just were not engaging and seemed only placeholders for telling the story-arc rather than snippets of life that could serve to advance the story. If you are wanting to read all The Northlanders saga, read on, but this is definitely not Wood's best work.
review 2: This gets 5-stars partly for the story itself (which follows the Hauksson family from it's arrival on Iceland in 871 with father Val Hauker; through to 1260 with the 11th Generation Oskar Hauksson) and partly for the non-stop high quality of everything to do with this series.I've never given a sin
... moregle volume 5 stars on Northlanders, and that seems like an oversight on my part.I just feel like damn, as soon as Wood gets a good thing going, it's over; first DMZ, now Northlanders...this guy can write circles around more "mainstream" guys. Geoff Johns I'm looking at you.Starting with nothing, literally digging a home from the hard ground and teaching his son about the harsh realities of life, Val Hauker is mirrored nearly 400 yrs later by Godar and his son Oskar. It's a very cool way of showing things coming full circle, or at least, repeating themselves. Both Val and Godar do their best to show their sons, but something about sons always wants them to do it themselves and show their fathers that they're fine without them.As with all the Northlanders series so far, there's also a very strong female characters (Brida Hauksson, and Oskar's wife Freya) who can more than hold their own with the Icelandic men. Both are fierce, intelligent women, who are the real strengths of their respective generations, and who hold the key to ensuring the survival of the Hauksson clan.Comics just aren't supposed to be this mature, well thought out, philosophical, and gorgeous to look at (at least not all at the same time).I'm left wanting more, which is the ultimate compliment I can offer Mr. Wood. I'm sure a year or so down the road, I'll start back up with this collection again, just because I'll miss it so much.Do yourself a favour and pick up Northlanders. It's so good you can honestly pick up any single volume, but for maximum enjoyment, start with the first. So many good stories. Just awesome. Now to light them all on fire and send them out to sea...(I'm sure the library won't mind?) less
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Concluding volume of one of the best comic series of recent years.
Super solid. Brian K Wood can do no wrong in my book.
A good end to a long, dark series.
sad its over
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