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The Massive, Vol. 1: Black Pacific (2013)

by Brian Wood(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
1616551321 (ISBN13: 9781616551322)
Dark Horse Comics
review 1: Very smart and thought-provoking. Also one of the best post-apocalyptic futures I've ever seen. No single disaster, but rather a host of small ones all happening in close proximity have pushed civilization to the brink in some parts of the world. The crew of the Kapital are searching for her sister ship, the Massive. Both belong to the environmentalist group, Ninth Wave. The crew members all have their various agenda as they travel the new world in their search. Good stuff!
review 2: Possibly the best science-fiction graphic novel I've read in a very long time. Not only is the world of the near future presented here highly plausible, it is also highly probable. The book blends a great adventure story with wonderfully complex, fleshed-out characters who a
... morere also grappling with whether or not they must adapt their current ethics and ideals to a changed world. I loved the no-frills art and the almost documentary-like approach to the story, as well as the many flashbacks that help round out the characters' back-stories. Will certainly be pciking up the next volume. less
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Really well crafted. You'll think about it for a while after finishing it. Very intriguing.
Pretty spot-on about potential environmental catastrophes but it just moves too slow.
A very cool post-apocalypse story, set on the high seas.
3.5...interested to see where this goes.
This book is pretty incredible.
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