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The Massive Volume 1: Black Pacific (2013)

by Brian Wood(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
Dark Horse Comics
review 1: Brian Wood ROCKS at the top of his game and this series is deeply, thoroughly original. It looks like a straight-up disaster thriller except for /every single disaster/ you can get your head around has happened in it, AND he refers to contemporary disasters like the Deepwater Horizon and the Fukushima reactor meltdown.The story is about a former mercenary turned environmental (in specific the sea) activist, and his group of complicated and troubled activists many of whom have pasts just as strange and unusual as his own. There's a TON to think about in this first volume, and I'm eager to read the second.
review 2: While the art was attractive, I found the characters to be dull and the plot to be drag-ass slow. It's difficult to judge a comic series by its firs
... moret book, but that doesn't alleviate the responsibility of the author to make that first book interesting. Disclaimer: I've found that Wood's work just doesn't appeal to me. Neither DMZ and Northlanders could hold my interest (or make me care about the characters), and I wouldn't have picked this up at all if I'd noticed that Wood was the writer. My bad. less
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A BIT DEPRESSING MUCH.Also, it's more character study than story. Hoping it picks up.
I'm sorry I just didn't care about any of them and I thought it was boring :/ sorry
Very interesting new work by Brian 'DMZ' Wood. Looking forward to Vol.2
A curious new take on the ol' band of adventuring heroes.
multi-POV anti-corporate post-apocalyptic
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