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Supersenso: Perché Crediamo Nell'incredibile (2009)

by Bruce M. Hood(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
8842816221 (ISBN13: 9788842816225)
il Saggiatore
review 1: Started off a bit slow but picked up well enough. Overall point of the book seemed to have been that we humans have inherent tendencies to see patterns and explain things in a way that favors the supernatural. While these tendencies may not be apparently useful these days, they did serve a purpose back in the good ol' days when identifying a face in a poorly lit forest undergrowth could save your life. Nowadays, we just get to enjoy that ability by seeing Jesus in a piece of burnt toast. I enjoyed how he discussed children and at what ages they believed in certain supernatural beliefs. This as about where the author started into essentialism, as in what constitutes the essence of something, where it is found, if at all, when something becomes something new, etc. An example... more he used that I have heard before and works very well is that of a maintenance on a boat. When you replace a part on a boat (let's call it the Enterprise), if you keep that part an a warehouse, after decades and many, many repairs and replacements, you have enough parts for a boat. Say you put that boat together, is it the Enterprise? Or is the boat that has had the repairs the Enterprise? This is the type of psychological questioning he investigates which I found very interesting.Towards the end was where I really perked up. That's where he started talking about the taboo things.
review 2: An interesting though repetitive read. Felt it was a great shame, the author wasn't a little more open minded and prepared to explore how facets of our "supersense" could possibly be explained by quantum physics, and other theories (such as the Holographic Universe theory for example), in particular the sense of oneness/connectness with other living beings/inanimate objects in nature. All in all less of an inpartitial open minded voyage of exploration - more of a one sided argument that for the most part, anyone holding any kind of belief, or having any understanding outside of Newtonian Physics is living in delusion. less
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Abandoned. Seems like a nice enough book, but a bit wordy and short on new insights.
I did not finish this. It seemed like the author belabored all his points.
So far so good.
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