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SuperSense: Why We Believe In The Unbelievable (2009)

by Bruce M. Hood(Favorite Author)
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0061452645 (ISBN13: 9780061452642)
review 1: Compared to some of the books of the same genre, which often seem to unravel into an angry rant against God/gods, this book is rational and scientific. Professor Hood's tone is gentle, endearing, and witty. He exposes and explains the evolutionary reasons for human superstition and religion, without any moral judgement, but with a lot of sense! I can't recommend highly enough to skeptics and believers alike.
review 2: Hood does a very thorough job explaining the way the human mind is inclined to attribute essence to inanimate objects or intentionality to mindless physical processes. To that end Supersense is about why we believe in one particular sort of unbelievable - our very natural intuition that unseen forces energize the natural world around us. This tend
... moreency explains the earliest of religious notions - animism - and the concept of the mind-body duality held by both the conventionally religious and the proponent of new age spiritualism. It is not so broad a book as it might have been, but is the better for having remained focused less
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I think the ghouls are vacating the closet, but the monsters are still under my bed.
I saw this at the library yesterday. I want to read just for the wit of the cover!
Not what I thought it would be...
Very interesting readable book.
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