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Midnight Tribunal (2012)

by Budjette Tan(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 4
9710545183 (ISBN13: 9789710545186)
review 1: As always, Trese is as efficient as Google when you have a book report due the next day. And now the prospect of a love life between Alexandra Trese and Maliksi? That is awesome. Not to mention the new alliance she'd be making with a tribe of tikbalangs. Also, it's about time for Trese to have an archenemy and having The Madame as such explores to all kinds of possibilities. I, too, am excited at these developments. Brilliant. Looking forward to the 6th book.
review 2: I thought in the first few chapters Trese has lost its magic. I'm really a huge fan of this series because of the way the author Cleverly integrates Philippine (Pop or Otherwise) Culture into the story. Like for this example, Richard Bautista, Eddie Gomez and Herbert Manzano? A Scale that turns i
... morento a barbel? It doesn't make sense in the first chapters but as you progress everything just falls into place, and you get to say Ahahhh as the book ends. And things are starting to pickup, Alexandra Trese is starting to have a "dimension", back stories, relationships (both family and romantic), and an adversary. Now I can't wait for the next book. less
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An archenemy is introduced. Good storyline. The protagoness wields yet more techniques.
That Imelda is causing trouble again. hay naku. This is my favourite so far. :)
Awesome awesome book!
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