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Anybody Can Get It II: Retribution (G Street Chronicles Presents) (2013)

by Cachet(Favorite Author)
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G Street Chronicles
review 1: This book was great from beginning to the end. Jacari taught the meaning of retribution, and the things that he was willing to do to get retribution. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to the end. I laugh,cried and yelled but this book made me feel something inside. The love that Jacari had for his family was indescribable. Anybody Can Get It II was a great ending to a excellent story. It shows that what goes around comes right back around... I feel like the characters are a part of my family.
review 2: Cachet did a outstanding job with her follow-up to part 1 of Anybody Can Get. I was captivated by the characters and the surprises she intertwined together. She is going to be a beast with the pen. It is no surprise that she is a upcoming G-Street autho
... morer. Her writing is style is remarkable! If she keeps going in this direction her techniques and methods will be unmatchable. She has such a immaculate flow. It was a short story, but she gave us enough and didn't leave us dangling and swaging by the strings. Cachet is well on her way to a successful writing career. I have a new storyteller to add to my list of favs. I think she will be favorite by many for years to come. less
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This is a must read especially if you read pt 1....I couldn't put it down.....GOOD BOOK!!
good book, I really enjoyed the ending, it all came to a final conclusion.
I really enjoyed this book.
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