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Heartless 2: Still Grimy (2013)

by Cachet(Favorite Author)
4.73 of 5 Votes: 1
G Street Chronicles
review 1: Brandy is back and she hasn't changed. She is still dealing with the nightmares from her past. We learn what happen to Trixie. Brandy is still causing havoc in her so called friends lives. The drama is still there. The constant label dropping continues in this book. Again, too much for me. Toward the end I wanted to skip through the fillers. It started to be every detail Brandy was doing down to what she was ordering and eating. Overall, with with the drama I give it 3 stars.
review 2: This book and the 1st one was very well written. That Brandy. . .goodness, goodness, GOODNESS! I'm speechless on how down right dirty that girl was, the title to this should've been Heartless Low Down Dirty Bytch! It was good, I tell ya, I just may read these 2 books again ") Bra
... morendy did just about everyone she came in contact with dirty, she didn't care if it got you killed arrested or what. She did have a hard life coming up and she blamed that on alot of how she treated others but in the end when she realized that it didn't have to be like that, because someone very dear to her was killed for all the wrong reasons, it was too late to try to right the wrongs that she had done. Well Done indeed Cachet! Amazing it was, definitely recommend to read both of these books. less
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Whoa this was a hot read And A straight page turner I gave this story five stars...
This was a good book. I love he suspense! But that ending WOW!
this was so good
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