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Deadly Divorce (G Street Chronicles) (2013)

by Cachet(Favorite Author)
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G Street Chronicles
review 1: Miserable Matrimony is hard for me to read because there is something wrong with Malik and Chandra. I feel sorry for Chandra because she doesn't deserved for domestic abuse by husband. Miserable Matrimony is also made me cry and emotional. Deadly Divorce picks up from Miserable Matrimony. I like the concept and vibe in this book. The main character is Malik. Dislikes:In the beginning of this book, I felt bad what's happen to Malik's parents but his mom was a bad influence to Malik. Malik is still control, aggressive, crazy, and evil.I don't like when the judge gives him sentenced to five to ten with the possibility of parole after five but he is disrespect to Chandra and her family.Like: I'm happy that Chandra speaks up for herself and make the right choice to divorce him ... morebecause he wasn't a good man for her. Recommended:Deadly Divorce is a good book to read. Cachet did a good job. It's dealing with lot of emotional, mental, and physical. Anyone has no right put his or her hand on people. Ladies and Gentlemen, you will not going to disappointed for this book because Cachet takes her time to write for this book. Rating:I enjoyed reading this book. I choose the rating 10.5 stars for this book and author because they both deserve it. I'm looking forward to read another book from this author. Sandra
review 2: Miserable Matrimony was a hard read but a well expressed reality of true life for a lot of people. It's not for the faint of heart that's for sure. I was not disturbed by the manner in which the Author portrayed Malik because it happens. What had me so pissed was Chandra how she stayed. Now Deadly Divorce picks right up where MM left off. I must say it was an emotional read a disturbing read a mad as hell read but again a truthful account. Yes you get frustrated with the characters and for me so much so that I can't revisit them again. Cachet did a wonderful job writing this second installment but for me personally it left me frustrated.. We were able to see now Malik became the deranged mental case that he is but it was too little to late for me... If you read the first part Miserable Matrimony you will not be short changed by this one but I don't do weak and definitely not stupid. So this is where I get off.. Until our next journey together...VNR less
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This was a great book, can't wait to see what happens in the next book
Like seriously, I'm afraid of dude.
This book was a great page turner.
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