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The Elephant Scientist (2011)

by Caitlin O'Connell(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
0547053444 (ISBN13: 9780547053448)
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review 1: Who isn't absolutely fascinated by elephants? Every new thing I learn about them reinforces for me what incredibly intelligent and empathic creatures they are. This book focuses on how elephants communicate, particularly with sound, and describes how Caitlin O'Connell did the experiments that gave her this information. Can I please be on the next field expedition to Etosha to help with her investigations??
review 2: The Elephant Scientist is an Informational book that gives us an insight of the elephant’s daily life and habits in their desert habitat. It could be used in a lesson on animal habitats in science and to teach about niches and animal needs. I loved this book because elephants are one of my favorite animals and it is always interesting to see an
... more aspect of life that isn’t readily or easily available to be observed. Seeing elephants at the zoo is nothing compared to the experience that you are taken on when you read this book. The pictures were breathtaking and the cover drew me in as well, it was kind of mysterious looking. The intended audience for this book is one of grades 3-6. less
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Another excellent addition to the "Scientists in the Field" series!
I thought it was an excellent book and very informative.
both my daughter and son really enjoyed this book
Notable Children's Book, 2013 ALA
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