The Unborn

The game that has a commencing, should have an end too. We are continually absorbed into the world of forms and the changing appearances, without any hiatus. All the while gripped by the fear of the unfamiliar and safe in the warmth of the familiar. But the courageous can never settle for the safety. It is his nature to step back and go beyond the manifestations and look for the unmanifest, the unborn.

The unborn is so mighty. It does not give a shit about the concepts, constraints, and dramas. It is the pure potential. It has no language. It has no eyes. It has no interpretations and it does not exist in the world of forms. It is the source of the forms and the dream. It is the captain of the ship and yet, so untouched by the storms, for it is in the realm beyond all of these.

The unborn is pure bliss and the real freedom. It is the infinite. It is the real courage to stay as It is. There is always this constant pull of this unborn, due to which we are able to have the strength to go beyond the illusion, the tricks, and traps of the samsara and the vasanas of the mind.

And yet there is no set way of seeing this. As Jiddu Krishnamurti says, the truth is a pathless path. It is as unique to you as your fingerprints. The voice is taking you on your own needs. Don’t you see others and construct the illusion of competition. It is meant to happen in your own way. Grace will guide you through a series of twists and turns and don’t you give up to the false. You are mightier than all of these.

And don’t be serious about the pull of the dream. Watch it go past you and know that you are beyond this. And stay as you are. In the intimate core of your being. The Unborn.

To the year of Truth and Courage. Wishing you a great year ahead!

Thanks and Love,

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