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Secretos De Un Caballero (2012)

by Candace Camp(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
Harlequin Ibérica
review 1: A Gentleman Always Remembers is an enjoyable, pleasant romance driven by interesting characters. Candace Camp shows what a master she is at character development with this novel. I was not sure at first if I was going to like Fitz, the hero of the book, but he shows lots of growth and maturing that redeemed him for me. He went from being selfish to displaying responsibility for his family. The secondary love story is as enjoyable as the main one, and there is lots going on to keep you interested and the story moving forward. I cannot wait to read the next one in the series.
review 2: I found myself liking this book much more than the first book of the series. I don't know if its because for most of the book, the somewhat annoyingly headstrong Bascombe sisters
... morewere not the focus. Or maybe its because there were only two Bascombe sisters left? All I can say is that this book is a step forward from A Lady Never Tells. And from the looks of it the next book an Affair Without End will be the best book of them all. Fitz Talbot, half brother of Oliver Talbot, the Earl of Stewkesbury and the half brother of Sir Royce Winslow, happens about a beautiful water nymph on his way to pick up the new chaperone for the Bascombe sisters, a woman of mature attitude and most likely age. As was his norm, Fitz flirts shamelessly with this young woman and even steals a kiss (it was not much of theft because no protest was made by the aforementioned maid). Upon hearing his name, this maiden turns and runs away. Fitz quite shocked at this reception, starts planning how he can meet with beautiful water nymph again. Little did he know, it would be mere minutes before he lays eyes on her again, at the home of the new Bascombe's new chaperone and bearing the same name as the new chaperone. He could only believe that the fates have smiled on him. Eve Hawthorne, is completely shocked to find out that the one time she forgets herself and indulges in a little flirtation with stranger, she just happens to have kissed the brother of her new employer. She attempts smoothen out this little hiccup in her plans, but finds that Fitz Talbot has no objections with her being the new chaperone to his cousins. In fact he pushes that they leave right away for Willowmere. Like in A Lady Never Tells, this couple is pushed together at Willowmere and find it hard to resist their attraction for each other. Eve is reluctant to enter into a affair with Fitz because of fear for her reputation and her future as a chaperone. But everyday Fitz begins to care for her more and realizes that he too would not jeopardize her reputation for his (and most assuredly her) pleasure. Nevertheless, they eventual submit to the burning passion that rages in them and surprise, surprise, they find love. As we read about the love developing between Eve and Fitz, more than one other couple is falling in love, which leaves one Bascombe sister on the market. I would say this book was good, not great. less
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Pretty standard romance novel. Far-fetched and not well-written but mindless and entertaining.
Enjoyed this one also. I think she is a new favorite author.
typical and dumb really.....don't recommend
not as good as the first one...
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