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Secretos De Sociedad (2012)

by Candace Camp(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
Harlequin Iberica
review 1: I wished I could have read the first two books that went with this. I started reading this book yesterday and finished it today. Love the character Oliver and thought that the character Vivian was the one to bring Oliver out of his stuffiness ways, delightful book that will keep you entertained from the first page to the last and I will have to say that Dora Parkington got treated exactly the way she should have, never could stand those uppity types.
review 2: A great addition to the Willomere series and I've been waiting for this one since Lady Vivian showed up in the first book. I knew her book was going to be explosive, exciting and steamy and I was right. I'm so glad that I was exposed to Camp's books through the GR's giveaway section, otherwise I might nev
... moreer have read her books.Lady Vivian loves going to parties and socializing and is excited to be helping out Lily and Camellia with their first Season. While helping the two get ready, Vivian discovers an alarming situation occurring in London. A thief is in the midst and stealing jewels from women in broad daylight, what is a proper lady to do but investigate? She is determined to figure out what's going on, but Oliver the Earl of Stewkesbury is livid that she would put herself at risk. Since he can't stop her, he decides he will have to help her on her ludicrous quest to stop the thief. Needless to say, this brings about many funny and romantic scenes. There was also a great romance on the side, but I don't want to go into much detail because I would spoil it for people. I like how Camp does more than one relationship per book and makes it work so well. Sometimes I get annoyed when authors do this because I feel like attention is being taken away from the main couple, but in this case it just adds to the plot and makes me want to read more.I hope there's another in this series because I really enjoy reading about these characters. In the meantime I will content myself by reading other books by this author and perhaps re-reading this series eventually. less
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I'm hoping there will be more of this style of books on offer.
A good read- I loved Vivian's spunk from the first page!
loved this story.
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