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Secretos De Una Dama (2011)

by Candace Camp(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
Harlequin Ibérica
review 1: This book was quite abit of fun. Candace Camp wove a story of mystery and adventure in ton society. Mary is a willful creature, as are her three sisters, independent and fresh in the face of English society. Royce is an honorable man himself and when he sets out to help four lost girls, he ends up on a whirlwind adventure and spirals right into love with Mary, although he has a tough time admitting it as their need to be together grows. Learning to be ladies is tough, but these four power through it all, despite two-faced ladies like Lady Sabrina and the powerful, close - lipped aunt Euphronia. With a man after them as well, well, you'll just have to read it to believe it.
review 2: Love historical Romance novels have read the reviews it is either a hit or a du
... mored. But from those that have loved it, I seem to think similarly so I am excited to read it.Just finished it and loved it! I had read the reviews before hand and there are those that gave it a bad review based on the opinion that too many characters were introduced and the relationship was strained or too slow to heat up till after the middle of a 400+ page book. Several mentioned no chemistry.I really really enjoyed the book. It is the story of Mary and Royce. May has 3 sisters she has been responsible for, for most of her life. She has come to England from America in the early 1800's to find her moms family when her mom dies. In America she lived a commoners life with her family. Her family in England is anything but. This is a book in a series, I thought that the relationship between Mary and her sisters was important to establish the grounds for additional books. She weaves a wonderful tale allowing you to have very found feelings for all the siblings. Enough so that you will seek out the opportunity to read more in the series. Her American independent spirit comes forth and is entreating to Royce who's Aristocratic personality/ family history is a draw to her. They both have secrets and that is what causes the emotional tug of war between them. His bad moods are because of his strong physical attraction to her and that he cant act on it because he is her guardian. So, I feel there was a lot of chemistry. It s a great pool read, its a great read for anyone who wants a clean read that you would not mind sharing with your church book club. Or your daughter/ mother/grand mother. But that is the type I appreciate most. Excited to read another in the series. less
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Enoyed reading the escapades of the three sisters. Love independent women!
An ok book. A little too boring but a good concept/plot. Hard to finish.
a book you're sure to love, if you enjoy lot's of humor.
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