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An Affair Without End (2011)

by Candace Camp(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
1439117993 (ISBN13: 9781439117996)
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review 1: After having read many historical romances within the past three years, I have learned that almost all of the books go into the same mold. Girl is innocent and unusually beautiful, she falls in love with a "rake" (who really isn't a rake, or was years ago), and no one tries to stop her, and they have sex all the time and the end.This story did not fit that mold, at all.The story was about a crazy girl named Vivian who ends up dragging this guy named Oliver on one of her wild adventures... which is to find someone who has been stealing a lot of jewels recently. Though there were some steamy moments, it was more realistic, as there were people against the characters after they had done certain things, and it wasn't just blind love, they realized there was the possibility tha... moret they wouldn't work out in the end.But the story was amazing. I really loved it, and all the characters in it. I would recommend anyone who is looking at this, and hasn't read it, to read it. I will be worth it!
review 2: I was so excited to read about Oliver and Vivian, and I was not disappointed. I love Vivian's spunk, and how it contrasts to Oliver's serious, stoic nature. I loved seeing her bring out his fun side and more spontaneous side.I was also really interested in Camellia and Vivian's bother (I can't think of his name) almost as much as I enjoyed the main love story. I love how each of Candace's books had a minor love story going on as a side story.Also, I didn't really realize until the end of the series, but the series was about the Talbot Brothers finding love, where I was expecting the series to be more about the sisters and their love stories. It was a good series. I enjoyed the read. less
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Enjoyed it, but dang quick ending. Oliver and Vivian's story.
Loved this series - always keeps me entranced!
Wonderful story and great characters.
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