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Any Given Christmas (2011)

by Candis Terry(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 1
0062133292 (ISBN13: 9780062133298)
Avon Impulse
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review 1: Received this book from the author. Overall I like it because the dialogues between the h and the H is funny. Emma is a kindergarten teacher andd she can't move on about something that happened in the past. Dean is an injured NFL quarterback and a typical guy who thinks love/marriage is not for him. Another thing is that his ghost mom, has the ability appear to give advices to her children. Although I don't understand why Emma is blaming Dean so much anyways both of them was able overcome their personal issues and it is a HAE. Definitely a fast read and I'm now going to read about Kate and Matt.
review 2: I will admit right upfront--I got this book free on my Kindle and was under the (mistaken) impression that it was a novella set at Christmas time. I love st
... moreories set at Christmas time, and am willing to read just about any genre that is set then.Having put that out there--this is a very light read--beach type--that only STARTS at Christmas and then moves very quickly from there. Its a romance, one where the hero's Mum comes back as a ghost (in her 20 year old Buick) in order to "set her kids straight" and get them to fall in love and get married.Appearantly, this is also book 2 in a trilogy, but I don't think I'm going to buy the other two. Maybe if they are offered free by Amazon, I'll get them, but, well, I just wasn't that interested in the whole series, ya know? less
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It dragged on a little in the middle, but overall an enjoyable story.
This title was a DNF for me. It was just not for me.
LOVED IT!! Just as good as the first one!!
3.5 out of 5
2.25 stars
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