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Sweet Surprise (2000)

by Candis Terry(Favorite Author)
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Sweet, Texas
review 1: ARC reviewThis was my first book in this series. I really liked the characters and the story line. I like that Fiona was not made out to be the tragic single mother. Instead she is a strong, self sufficient, intelligent woman. I also liked that the relationship between her and her ex husband was not filled with hate and drama. Mike' s character truly is a good guy and not somebody pretending just to get the girl. He actually wants to take the time to get to know Fiona and go slow with their relationship to give himself time to determine if he can truly be what Fiona needs and wants. This was a very heartwarming story. Everyone gets along and is there for each other. I am now going to get the previous books in the series and catch up so I am ready for the next... more one!
review 2: I requested this book because the tagline said it was for fans of Jill Shalvis. The plot was predictable, but fun. The single mother card wasn't overly used and Izzy is a super cute kid. I really liked how the focus was mainly about the two MCs. Fiona and Mike were likable. I enjoyed their story and for the most part how things unfolded. Never mind the fact that I'm a sucker for the UST if it's done well. What I struggled with was some of the writing choices. There were several phrases and words that were repeated. There were scenes in the POV switch that were almost identical and I absolutely got tired of reading about how sexy or hot the other one was. Sure, someone is attractive, I get it. But to be so absolutely blinded by them that you zone out on conversations? No. Okay, maybe once. It was a quick, cute read and I did enjoy it. I may even read some of the previous books in the series. It just wasn't the same as a Jill Shalvis book. **Huge thanks to Avon and Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review** less
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A delightful read with some truly endearing and sweet moments. Review coming soon!
3.5 stronger second half but as always I enjoyed my time in Sweet, Texas
Review to come.
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