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Something Sweeter (2014)

by Candis Terry(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 3
0062237276 (ISBN13: 9780062237279)
Sweet, Texas
review 1: The guy and his bros were over the top studs. So while Terry stuck in things to make them a little more realistic, it didn't work. Stepping into the middle of the series was probably a mistake as Terry didn't make much effort to fill in their background. I guess making them good ole cowboys was supposed to be enough.The marine was pretty much missing in the hero Jesse. I knew it only because Terry mentioned it. It had little to no bearing on the story, which isn't like any marine I've ever known.Allie was a wedding planner with a very revealing blog--another strange combo. I don't think a wedding planner would put all her trials and tribulations out there for her customers tosee. It feels like Terry went back and stuck the blog in so the hero could discover that Allie real... morely did love him. And having her future mother-in-law as the one who revealed it to Jesse? Let's just say ewww.
review 2: ~Received For An Honest Review~The men in Texas are irresistible....when I read that, I thought "Now that's an understatement"..being a Texan myself, they are the most sexiest men around..But that not what we are reviewing right? Oh, but how I could review a Texas man! Jesse Wilder, oh how I could love him right on up! Can he get the women of his dreams or will Allison Lane keep running from what doesn't believe in? Don't miss out on this great book! less
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It was a good contemporary romance. The conflict was believable. I liked the setting.
Cute romance with a hot hero. An enjoyable read and love the cover.
Those Wilder boys just keep getting better and better!
Sigh. I love Jesse.
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