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Just What The Truth Is (2011)

by Cardeno C.(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
1613722079 (ISBN13: 9781613722077)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Wow, I really love discovering great new authors, it's like Christmas and Easter together with so many new books to discover. The chemistry between the two heroes in Just What The Truth Is is incredibly sizzling and erotic. I so much enjoy reading about how a couple meets and falls in love with each other. I really thought I was going with an A+ rate until the GFY hero, Ben Forman, has a few stupid moments when it comes to dealing with his "still in the closet" homosexuality. But it turns out right, eventually, and Mikah Trains, hero #2, puts down his foot and takes up a stance. Why I ultimately go with a B+ grade is also, because the last part of the book is dedicated to narrate how Ben and Mikah found a family and become parents. I generally prefer not reading about chil... moredren in romance books, be they homosexually or heterosexually oriented, but, I have to say, it was really lovely to see how dedicated and adorable everything turns out. B+
review 2: It's safe to say that CC's writing has matured from Home Again to this novel here by leaps and bounds.It's also a huge credit to the skills of an author to make me care about a character I despised in the first book, by letting me see into his mind.In this book, I was equal parts exasperated with Ben and cheering him on. The banter he's got going with Micah was refreshing and caused me to giggle a lot. And Ben is still Ben, dumb and screwing up, plagued by what he thinks he's expected to be and by who he really is. It took him some time to grow a pair, but when he does, he does it all the way.I adored Micah. He was a real man, a man with feelings he wasn't afraid to show, but also sufficient intuition to see behind Ben's stupidity. While the forgiveness may have been quick, it fit the character nicely. Sappy, sweet fluff at the end had me grinning widely. The one thing I kept waiting for was for Ben to acknowledge the grief and pain he caused his brother and his best friend, instead of being sort of wishy-washy about it. I would have really liked to have seen that further explored, considering how much Ben pissed me off in the first book in this series. Well done, CC. less
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Non c'è altro da dire se non: Semplicemente stupendo!
so good, loved the ending
3.3 stars.
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