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Home Of His Own (2008)

by T.A. Chase(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 4
1595784276 (ISBN13: 9781595784278)
Liquid Silver Books
review 1: Almost had to put this one in the DNF pile. I read the 1st in the series a while ago and gave it a 3 star so I figured I liked this author's style ok and I just wanted an uncomplicated quick read. Well I either have gotten harsher in my critiques or the 2nd book is just much worse. Stale dialogues, flat characters, uninspired story. I could skip pages and pick right up. And the whole thing where the MC was a tough rodeo star with a tragic past history with his family just didn't fly. But I think the worst part for me were the 'winks'. Everyone winked at everyone else, continually. Was driving me nuts. Won't read anymore from this author.
review 2: Yet another sweet cowboy romance from T.A. Chase. There's no greater mystery going on here, just two men falling i
... moren love. Tony has a wise behind his years energy that matches well with Brody aka Mac. One night stands don't always have to remain at just one night.When Tony gets the opportunity to ride in basically the pro bowl of the PBR in Hawaii he leaps at the chance. As much as he loves being home with Les and Randy he is jealous of their obvious love for each other. He wants that relationship for himself. So a spot of time away looks good. Go out, ride some bulls, get laid, what more can a man ask for. His one night stand in "Mac" was the perfect remedy. But as he gets home to find a message from his estranged sister about his nephew he still can't get Mac out of his mind. Tony reluctantly returns to Austin and a family he hasn't seen since he ran away from their disowning him over being gay. Now his sister wants him to keep his nephew from making the same mistake, namely being who he is, gay. Ultimately Tony can do nothing, but help his nephew and his friend Yancey offering them a place to stay. Little does he know at the time this will bring him back what he wants most. Namely Yancey's long lost older brother Brody "Mac" MacCafferty. Together the two men strain to find a balance to their lives, Brody's business in LA, Tony's bull riding, and the two young men they find themselves responsible for. Tony and Brody were so sweet. There was never any question if they were it for each other and the most the struggled with was how to get their diverse lives to work together. Frankly it was a forgone conclusion but the story was told well and I love all the characters in this world. It just puts me in my happy place. less
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I enjoy this series but I think the books are too damn long, it's pretty tame and kinda repetitive.
Rating 3.5
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