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Cold Pursuit (2008)

by Carla Neggers(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
0778325539 (ISBN13: 9780778325536)
Black Falls
review 1: I am having Deja Vu with this book. I think I have read this one before, because the characters seem familier. Maybe I read another book from the series? Anyway, the story revolves around Secret Service Agent Jo Harper and Special Forces Sargent Elijah Cameron. Both end up back in their hometowm, Black Falls, VT, at crossroads in their lives. When they were 18 and 19, they had a torrid interlude until caught by Elijah's father. He sent Jo home and kicked Elijah out of the house. He joins the Army and she goes to college and becomes a Secret Service Agent. Their paths have not crossed in the 15 years since. The plot is kinda convoluted. It involves the death of Elijah's father, the murder of an ambassador, a lost 18 year old and who wanted them ... moredead.
review 2: First book I've read by Carla Neggers. Very decent combination of romance and suspense. Characters are all a bit out-of-range of the average person's acquaintance: ambassadors, assassins, secret service people, military special forces, and wealthy lodge owners. This makes the story a tad less able to relate to, but there is also rekindled teenage love, sibling relationships, etc. that give it a more or less realistic tone. Couple steamy scenes and nongraphic violence. less
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just couldn't get into this book....story line didn't flow for me!
Great read but too many unanswered questions.
Vermont, Jo Harper Secret Service Agent
Looking forward to the sequel!
Entertaining, as always.
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