Quotes from Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium

I would have to make the bold statement that thus far from my studies, The Lightning and the Sun and Imperium are the two best ideological texts for the Post-WWII National Socialist. The “lighting” in The Lightning and the Sun is our MEANS and Imperium is our END, telos, or “sun”. Both are epistemologically-inclined and written with poetic prowess.

Yockey on the Dichotomy Between the Insipid Life versus the Heroic Life

“This is their valuation of life: the longest life is the best life. To this mentality, a short and heroic life is sad, not inspiring. Heroism generally is thus merely foolish, since indefinitely prolonged life is the aim of “Progress”” (Page 49, Imperium).

Yockey on the Gita Virtue of Action Versus Stagnation

“This work is concerned only with action, because the Age of Absolute Politics in which it appears is an age of action” (Page 234, Imperium).

Yockey on Liberalism

“Liberalism is, in one word, weakness. It wants every day to be a birthday, Life to be a long party. The inexorable movement of Time, Destiny, History, the cruelty of accomplishment, sternness, heroism, sacrifice, super-personal ideas — these are the enemy. Liberalism is an escape from hardness into softness, from masculinity into femininity, from History to herd-grazing, from reality into herbivorous dreams, from Destiny into Happiness” (Page 215, Imperium)

Yockey on Feminism

“Feminism itself — what is it but a means of feminizing man? If it
makes women man-like, it does so only by transforming man first into a
creature whose only concern is with his personal economics and his relation
to “society,” i.e., a woman. “Society” is the element of woman, it is static
and formal, its contests are purely personal, and are free from the possibility
of heroism and violence. Conversation, not action; formality, not deeds.
How different is the idea of rank used in connection with a social affair,
from when it is applied on a battlefield! In the field, it is fate-laden; in the
salon it is vain and pompous. A war is fought for control, social contests are
inspired by feminine vanity and jealousy to show that one is “better” than
someone else.
And yet what does Liberalism do ultimately to woman: it puts a
uniform on her and calls her a “soldier.” This ridiculous performance but
illustrates the eternal fact that History is masculine, that its stern demands
cannot be evaded, that the fundamental realities cannot be renounced, even,
by the most elaborate make-believe. Liberalistic tampering with sexual
polarity only wreaks havoc on the souls of individuals, confusing and
distorting them, but the man-woman and the woman-man it creates are both
subject to the higher Destiny of History” (Page 215-216, Imperium).

Yockey on Alliance

“Alliance does not mean love, any more than war means hate.” (Page 124, Imperium)

Yockey on the Metaphysics of Violence

“Man does not kill, like a tiger, for food to eat — he kills because of spiritual
necessity. Not even wars entirely outside a High Culture are purely animal,
entirely devoid of symbolic content.” (Page 133, Imperium).

Yockey on the Tanakh (Old Testament) and Jewish origins of Marxism/Communism

“Marx was a Jew, and had thus imbibed from his youth the Old Testament idea that work was a curse laid upon man as a result of sin.” (Page 85 on PDF, Imperium)

Yockey on the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution

“The actual form of the Revolution when it did occur was dual: there was a revolt of the
primitive Russian soul against the Western Romanov regime and all that it
represented, and there was a simultaneous assumption of the leadership of
this revolt by the Jewish Culture-Nation-State-Race. The necessary
financing was procured in New York from members of the Culturedistorting
group in America” (Page 557-558, Imperium)

Yockey on Why Philosemitic Stalinist Russia Was Anti-Zionist

“The presence of the distorter in Russia is shown by the fact that the
ruling personnel are disproportionately drawn from this group, by the fact
that anti-semitism is a crime, and more than anything else by Russian policy
in regard to Palestine. For the four years, 1944 to 1948, Russian policy was the negation, at every point, of American policy. Nonetheless in the question of partitioning of
Palestine, a part of the world of Islam, the Moscow regime was divided on
the supporting of world-policy of the Jewish Culture-State-Nation-Race,
even though it was in the imperialistic interests of Russian policy to oppose
America on this issue.”

Yockey on Indo-European Supremacy and Nordicism:

“It is very probable that the conquerors of
the older Civilizations eastward were of similar stock with the Western
barbarians who threatened Rome for centuries and finally sacked it. The
great sign of this stock was blondness. Wherever to-day blonde traits are
found, elements of this Northern stock have at some past time found their
way. These Northern barbarians conquered the indigenous populations of all
Europe, constituting themselves an upper stratum, supplying the leadership,
fighting-men, and laws, wherever they went. Thus they represented the
ruling-stratum in the territories now known as Spain, Italy, France,
Germany, England” (Page 281-282, Imperium)

“The source of a hierarchy of races is History, the forces of happening. Thus when we see a European population, with its own racial stamp, the English, hold down a population of hundreds of millions of Asiatics for two centuries with only a handful of its own troops, as the English did India, we call that race one with a high degree of will-to-power. During the 19th century, amid 300,000,000 Asiatics, England had a tiny garrison of 65,000 White troops” (Page 279, Imperium)

Anti-Intellectualism and Life-Denying in the Great Satan

“Only in America would it have been possible for a journalist to denounce higher physics because it was creating a type of aristocracy” (Page 485, Imperium)

On the Great Satan’s Gomorrah

“Outside of New York City, the spiritual capital of the ruling regime, this hardly exists, but in New York, the journalistic play is an important propaganda-technique.” (Page 397 in PDF, Imperium)

The Cult-Like Nature of Ideologically Revolutionary Movements

“All ideological revolutions, from the French in 1789, through the 19th century ones in Europe, down to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918, have the tendency to take on the form of a cult”. (Page 397 in PDF, Imperium)

Yockey on the Hoax of the Twentieth Century

“The propaganda was technically quite complete. “Photographs”
were supplied in millions of copies. Thousands of the people who had been
killed published accounts of their experiences in these camps. Hundreds of
thousands more made fortunes in post-war black-markets. “Gas-chambers”
that did not exist were photographed, and a “gasmobile” was invented to
titillate the mechanically-minded.” (Page 515, Imperium)

Yockey on Pearl Harbour

“To this end, an ultimatum was delivered to the Japanese
Government in November, 1941. The ultimatum demanded Japanese
evacuation of all its conquests since July, 1936. The answer of Japan was to
sink the American battle fleet in Pearl Harbor in December, 1941. Public
and official investigations carried out by nationalist elements after the war
proved conclusively that the Washington regime knew this attack was
coming, and even the day of it, since it had been reading Japanese diplomatic
messages. Nevertheless it took no military precautions, and thus cynically
threw away the lives of thousands of American soldiers and sailors. The
propaganda machine was already geared to attribute this Japanese attack to
the Western Civilization, but the Western war-declaration, following in a
few days, made this propaganda pointless.” (Page 519-520, Imperium)

Yockey on the Counter-Semitism of the Founding Fathers of the U.S.

“At the Constitutional Convention, 1787, Benjamin Franklin sought to
have included in the projected Constitution a provision forever excluding the
Jews from America. The “humanity” and “equality” ideologists, knowing
nothing whatever of what Franklin had in mind, unacquainted completely
with the Jew — for there were almost no Jews in America until a century
later — rejected Franklin’s advice. His warning that if they did not, their
descendants would be working for the Jews within two centuries was not
heard. These ideologists only knew of “humanity,” and wished to ignore the
vast difference between those human beings within and those without a
given world-feeling” (Page 477-478, Imperium)

Yockey on the Jewish Invasion of America, the Unnatural Jewish Construct of a Multicultural America, the Ceasing of “American” Being Synonymous to European

“From 1890 on began the Jewish invasion of America. Within the next
fifty years, the number of Jews in America increased from negligible
proportions to a number estimated between 8 and 12 millions. New York City became in this period predominantly a Jewish capital. Of this Jewish immigration, approximately 80 per cent were Ashkenazic Jews. American reaction inevitably began against the
phenomena which inevitably accompanied the immigration of these vast
numbers with their own world-feeling, who immediately began to influence
the American life in every sphere and on every plane. A clever propaganda
making use of the American ideology to serve Jewish purposes was the
answer to this reaction” (Page 479, Imperium)

“America became a “melting pot,” after the phrase of
the Jew Israel Zangwill, and the purely quantitative American ideology lent
this picture convincingness in an America still in the money-obsession stage.” (Page 479-480, Imperium)

“The word “American” was changed by this same propaganda to mean
an immigrant who had improved his personal circumstances by coming to
America, and to exclude the native American who was displaced by the
immigrant. If the latter showed resentment, he was called “un-American.”
Thus native American movements like the second Ku Klux Klan, formed in
1915, as an expression of the reaction of the American organism to the
presence of the foreign matter, were more or less successfully called “un-
American” by the propaganda organs in America, which even by that time
had come under strong Culture-distorting influences.” (Page 480, Imperium)

“The words “ America ” and “American” were stripped of all spiritual-national
significance, and were given a purely ideological significance.” (Page 480, Imperium)

Yockey on Western Unity

“America and Europe together constitute a spiritual unit” (Page 530-531, Imperium)

Yockey on the Imminent Revolution

“When the American National Revolution takes political form, its inspiration will come from the same
ultimate source as the European Revolution of 1933. Therefore what is
written here is also for the true America, even though the effective America
of the moment, and of the immediate future is a hostile America, an America
of willing, mass-mind tools in the service of the Culture-distorting political
and total enemy of the Western Civilization” (Page 538, Imperium)

Yockey on the Baptism of the West and Concocting Imperium

“First, the liquidation of the tyranny of 19th century ideas. This means
the complete cleansing of the Western soul from every form of Materialism,
from Rationalism, Equality, social chaos, Communism, Bolshevism,
liberalism, Leftism of every variety, Money-worship, democracy, finance-capitalism,
the domination of Trade, nationalism, parliamentarism,
feminism, race-sterility, weak ideals of “happiness” and the like, of every
form of class war. Replacing these ideals is the strong and manly Idea of the
Age of Absolute Politics: Authority, Discipline, Faith, Responsibility, Duty,
Ethical Socialism, Fertility, Order, State, Hierarchy — the creation of the
Empire of the West.” (Page 595, Imperium)

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