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The Mist (2009)

by Carla Neggers(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
0778326241 (ISBN13: 9780778326243)
Boston Police/FBI
review 1: Misleading title. Hardly any time in Ireland, and hardly any mist. It was obvious 2 pages in to the book that this was the middle of a series. I kept reading anyway, but there were so many characters. She did give highlights of their backstory, but most of them didn't really factor into this story, and I didn't need to keep hearing about them. Was it a mystery? Not really, because you knew right from the start who the bad guy was. Was it a thriller? Not particularly, cause the bad guy was completely outclassed. Was it a romance? A little bit, but if it was, then all these other things got in the way. I might read #2, just because the references to that story sounded more interesting than this.
review 2: This book cannot be read on its own. There are too many re
... moreferrals to things that happen in the first two of the series. Keeping that in mind, this book is fast paced for the most part. The crime lord/billionaire thrill-seeker arrested in book two turns informant and escapes jail time. Now he is after the FBI informant, FBI Director and the anonymous informant that got him arrested. Lizzie Rush is that informant and intent on keeping herself anonymous. Will Davenport is the Brit agent with a mysterious past that seems to be working with the FBI but is he? There is a lot of angst and guilt spread around; people feeling they should have stopped some violence when that wasn't possible. This pulled the story down a little. Not as good as the first two but I will read the 4th to see what happens to all these characters. less
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Didn't finish. Too many characters that must have been developed in Books 1 and 2.
I have read almost all of the books in this series and have liked them.
3rd in the series and its pretty good. Cant wait to read the next one.
picked up the wrong book but its an ok read
Good story but too much love story for me
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