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Drawing Lab For Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises To Make Drawing Fun (2010)

by Carla Sonheim(Favorite Author)
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1592536131 (ISBN13: 9781592536139)
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review 1: I strongly recommend this book; I remember wondering if art was going to be the major for me, when my entire freshmen year - was spent drawing cardboard boxes to learn about perspective, scale and the basics of drawing. I was so frustrated because it was a general education elective, but I was way beyond what we were learning and that class almost made me drop my major then and there.I constantly broke rules and stretched the boundaries of my assignments - while my teacher praised the creativity she was a stickler for the fundamentals. I just think that art is fun and should be open to everyone and it need not take itself so seriously. Do not get me wrong you do need a working knowledge of the basics, but art is so subjective that it need not have so many rules and be so ... moreformal. It is easier to know the rules and then break them but not everybody learns this way.I love this book; it is fun and a bargain for the quality of exercises and information that you get. I wanted to tighten up my skills and I think this book takes a fresh perspective to teaching new or advanced artists a thing or two. I still have not finished all of the exercises and I love, that this book allows you to take your time-really get into each chapter and work the exercises or ideas and keep coming back for more!
review 2: A gift from my mom, with lots of neat ideas... I have a feeling this is going to be on my desk and in my bag for awhile to come! My favorite quote so far: "Research has shown that doodling in meetings actually helps you pay better attention, as it keeps your brain occupied just enough to keep you from daydreaming and missing the content of the meeting altogether. Thank goodness, you now have a scientific reason to doodle!" p. 92 less
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Some really cool ideas, and a few that are too artsy.
Fun and inspiring
Fun, fun, fun!
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