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A Corpse In Shining Armour (2010)

by Caro Peacock(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 1
000724424X (ISBN13: 9780007244249)
Liberty Lane
review 1: This is early Victorian in its setting; the queen is young and the country is fascinated with her. Liberty Lane is young and working hard to be independent, which is something the times make difficult. This particular story involves succession in an aristocratic family. Like many detectives Liberty's clothes take a beating. I wonder how her budget holds up, when her shoes split seams and she goes riding in dresses particularly unsuited to horseback, even side saddle. The story never fails to entertain. Thank you, Caro Peacock. I await the next Liberty Lane adventure!!
review 2: I love Miss Liberty Lane. This adventure begins with Miss Lane being asked to look into whether a woman is mad or not. There is a question of the next heir in the family and th
... moree mother is saying the eldest is not the legitimate heir because she was visited by a dark knight and not her husband. Of course, this turns into a long investigation along with Miss Lane becoming entangled in her own drama. It was a good story and I can't wait to see if she has more adventures. I love her character. She never acts like she knows everything, but sort of stumbles through the investigation and still finding out the correct result in the end. less
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Fun read about a women investigator in Victorian England.
Really enjoying this series.
*Review coming soon*
Good audio book
good as always
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