“Switchback – Nightshades #2” by Melissa F Olson

“Switchback”  is the second 200-page episode in Melissa Olson’s series about an FBI unit tasked with investigating crimes by vampires (shades) whose existence has just been revealed to the world. The twist is that the FBI unit has the second oldest vampire in the world as a consultant.

Carrying straight on from “Nightshades”, “Switchback” sees the team called in to investigate a shade attack on the police department of a small, rich, very white “village” just outside Chicago.

Like its predecessor, this is a light, fast, fun read that is well paced, well plotted and doesn’t give you time to draw breath. Reading this is like watching an episode of a good SyFy show that’s just getting into its stride and where all the mysteries lie ahead of you.

I could eat up one of these a week, so I hope Melissa Olson keeps them coming. There was a gap of fifteen months between the first two. Still, I’m also keen to read the next book in her Boundary Magic series and I live in hope of a sequel to “The Big Keep” so I’m willing to be patient.


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