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The Swan-Daughter (2014)

by Carol McGrath(Favorite Author)
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1783753374 (ISBN13: 9781783753376)
Accent Press
Daughters of Hastings
review 1: This second book in the planned trilogy is a wonderful continuation in the story of The Daughters of Hastings series. The history is obviously well researched and the attention to the living style of the nobles of the time is outstanding. Even with the detail required the story is kept moving so that you do not become mired down at any point. I am looking forward to the conclusion of the story when the third book comes out.
review 2: I hated to see this book end and tried to read ever more slowly, which is hard for me. Happily when I reached the end I found the first chapter of The Betrothed Daughter, as well as a very fine collection of facts in the author's notes. This is my very favorite era to read about, for a variety of reasons, and a very favorite au
... morethor as well.Normans, and their castles, and their rationale as they tried to excuse their conquest of this land, may begin to explain what a poor husband Alan of Richmond was to Gunnhild daughter of Harold the vanquished King. A thousand years of mercenary soldiers in my personal family history intrigues me, and so of course I cannot wait for the next Carol McGrath book about this family.Lovers of accurate Medieval history just have to read this book, a novel based on years of research and quite serious educated speculation.Cum Laude, what a great read! less
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Good historical fiction about the women left behind after the battle of Hastings.
Another great story in the series.
Exelent time period!
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