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Baseball Hour (2008)

by Carol Nevius(Favorite Author)
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0761453806 (ISBN13: 9780761453802)
Two Lions
review 1: Those with a love of the game will most assuredly appreciate Baseball Hour. This book captures what a day at baseball practice probably looks like for most children in little league. Whether boy or girl interested in the game or those whom already play, either would probably enjoy the tone set. The book at hand could definitely inspire determination and teamwork. I really liked that there is a variety of races and children of both sexes on the team displayed. Too often, I see only baseball and other sports booked geared primarily to boys.I'll point out that the story inside seems much more like a short poem. It's written very well in a rhyming way and captures everything that would be happening during a practice. Players in the book are seen warming up, catching the ball, ... morerunning, swinging, throwing, sliding, and working together as a team! I think this book would be great read a loud and would be a perfect book for beginning readers that also love baseball. I even believe children would easily begin to memorize the book after a few reads.The illustrations in this book are excellently done and almost life like. The colors used are sepia yet with a hint black and white as well as red. The detail is well put such as those of the bases, field, and baseball gear of bats, balls, cleats, and mitts. The illustrator also completely captures the emotions that are most certainly seen by children during practice such as the looks of concentration, excitement, joy, and more!Baseball Hour makes for a most desirable picture book to add to any collection whether for a child or for an adult.
review 2: I checked this Texas 2X2 book out from our school library thinking my middle and youngest son might like the subject. We all enjoyed the simple rhyming of the book (and my middle son's teacher might be delighted to know he pointed out that not ALL poetry has to rhyme...) But the illustrations made this more than a simple poetry book about the joys of baseball practice. Each page is lush and so realistic, the reader feels as if they are right there on the field with the kids. As a mom, I enjoyed seeing children of both genders and all races included. Beautiful. less
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Excellent illustrations can't make up for the slight story in this rhyming picture book.
The illustrations are marvelous you can feel the texture.
Dynamic illustrations, dull text.
The illustrations are amazing!
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