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Challenge Accepted (2012)

by Carol Rose(Favorite Author)
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Carol Rose
review 1: Hayley ~ Daddy's little rich girl.Head strong and out to prove herself in the business world.There's nothing she loves more than restoring and decorating homes. Cole ~ A head strong contruction business owner.A man out to prove to Hayley that she wants him and needs him. Both hired to work as team to restore one of nine historic homes to see who is better at the job and achieve the contract to finish the other eight homes. Butting heads and wills at first Hayley realizes she is hot for mister man, Cole.The longer they work together the more they both have to give in to the attraction. Nice little love story,I quite enjoyed the read.
review 2: Hayley Haslett, a rich daddy’s girl growing up as a single child. He controlled everything, but now she has to do it
... more on her own. She doesn’t want someone else controlling everything she does.When the opportunity comes to restore 9 historic houses she jumps at the chance to prove herself worthy. The only problem being– a sexy handsome man, that is her biggest competitor Cole Granger. They are to compete working on the first house to prove who will be more worthy of the contract.Who would know that her biggest rival is also her biggest fan. And it’s not just her business he is interested in. Will she let her guard down to let him in? You will have to read the story.It is a strong story, with a good romance. less
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Hayley needs anger management, therapy and a class in communication skills.
Amazon Freebie 10/11/13
DNF at 50%
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