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Head Rush (2011)

by Carolyn Crane(Favorite Author)
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1609286251 (ISBN13: 9781609286255)
The Disillusionists
review 1: What a fantastic series! The third and last book in the Disillusionists trilogy blew me away! The series is so original and so addictive. People channeling their neurosis into others to lessen crime? Very different, very cool and very unlike any other UF I've read. This is a world that introduces us to highcaps, or high capacity individuals, think telekinesis, dream invasion, structural manipulation...sounds almost X-men like right? Definitely. These are humans with extraordinary skills that defy reality. And sometimes these people use their ability to commit crime, this is where the Disillusionists come in. They intercept by using their neurosis to thwart highcaps, or just regular people in general to stop their crimes.Going into detail would probably confuse you so I can... more't recommend this series enough! Justine is an incredible character, I loved her! Her hypochondria surrounding vein star syndrome was ingenious. She grew so much in the series and I'm so glad everything turned out for her. Packard was just as amazing, being a highcap himself, he became the man he's always wanted to be. I loved them together! And Otto...what a complicated character. I feel bittersweet towards him after finishing this series. I hated him at the end of Double Cross, the 2nd book in the trilogy. My hate grew here, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for him after all was said and done.The secondary characters were wonderful, the setting, the action, the plot...all amazing. What I loved so much about this series was the way the author surprised me over and over again. Nothing was predictable, quite the opposite. The plot was tight and delivered endlessly, flowed beautifully. I never knew what was coming until it happened, so half the time I was gasping or speechless! I can't recommend this series enough, and not just to UF fans, it's a clever and ingenious mix of romance, action, suspense, intrigue and drama. I'm definitely checking out this authors other work and elated I found another series to add to my all time favorite pile! Read it! Loved this to bits!
review 2: I'm surprised by how much I really enjoyed this series. I don't know why. I guess I just find a lot of urban fantasy is the same old, same old. There wasn't a werewolf, witch or vampire in sight and I liked it.Justine Jones growth over the course of the series kept me gripped. I wanted her to make it out the other side a different person and she really was.The supporting cast was just perfect. I actually think Shelby and Simon are my two favourite characters in the series. They were great friends (eventually) for Justine to have.I recommend this series if you want something fresh, but still love a supernatural angle in the books you read. less
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Amazing, kick ass series that I still adore years later.
this series was amazing. end of story. read it.
Perfect ending :D
Too surreal.
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