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Friday Night Alibi (2013)

by Cassie Mae(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
0345548817 (ISBN13: 9780345548818)
review 1: First off, very clean book. I was right tired of reading books with no content and just sex. This is a good escape from all that. What can I say?! Not what I was expecting. It's an interesting idea...a Friday night alibi! It was working until she found love and couldn't do it anymore as her job. I was laughing so hard during the pool scene where she was so embarrassed but he made her feel so comfortable. I cried when her dad realized he's been neglecting her. It was a believable book...there are times when two characters have known each other only a few weeks and you say, yeah right, they can't feel that way yet, but in this book there is a lot going on between the two you feel they can connect like that! The banter or "flirting" and revenge, omg, funny. And maybe I like i... moret also because my husband I call Stinky also! Cassie Mae is awesome, can't wait for more!
review 2: 3,5 stars for me. I enjoyed this, it was cute and easy. A perfect summer read ( even if it's winter now lol). Kel was a bit frustrating and Chase was not the usual BBF but that was in a good way. I like this author and will read more from her. This was no New Adult though. Even if one of the MCs was at college, it felt like pure YA, not wven mature YA. Didn't bother me, but could be good to know when starting this. :) less
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Fun, mostly light read. A much-needed break from my usual books.
another book that could keep my interest and suck me in!
epic romance indeed :)
5 stars
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