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The Originals (2013)

by Cat Patrick(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
0316219436 (ISBN13: 9780316219433)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: This book was actually pretty good in my opinion. I found myself wishing I could watch a movie rendition after I was finished. It had a very decent ending where everyone seems to win. I do feel the ending was a little rushed and there are some loose ends thorough out the book I wish the author would have tied together. Sean and Lizzie's romance got a little gaggy at moments, but all was good. Not a bad read at all!
review 2: I've come to love books by Cat Patrick so when I saw this in the library I didn't hesitate to pick it up. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed at all. It had the same fresh and relatable narrative voice as in Forgotten and Revived. Her characters are so fun and vibrant and the concepts of her books not only original but intriguing too. The way
... morethe same character is written as 3 distinct people is incredible. I felt a lot of sympathy for these girls having to share their life. It may not seem such a big deal in comparison to what death defying events protagonists in other Y.A books go through but I found it a very interesting musing on individuality. It is not the strongest of Cat Patrick's books but I would definitely recommend it or anything by her for anyone seeking a fresh and compelling read. less
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Very un-climactic... But still a good read!
AMAZING! everybody should read this.
It was really good.
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