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A Rural Affair. Catherine Alliott (2012)

by Catherine Alliott(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
0141047798 (ISBN13: 9780141047799)
Michael Joseph
review 1: A good read, which served it's purpose in bringing me back to the world of reading after struggling along through a book that wasn't grabbing me. It's a humorous tale set in a small English village complete with colourful characters such as odd bob, saintly sue, and passion fuelled pete the farrier, nosey neighbours, an attractive, but out of reach lord of the manor, and lots of horsey antics. The horsey antics and hormonal outbursts and humourput me in mind of Jilly Coopers novels however this is squeaky clean by comparison. This was an easy read, which (uncharacteristically for me) I finished in a couple of days. I would certainly read another of Catherine Alliot's books.
review 2: Poppy has a boring, controlling husband whom she fantasizes meeting his demise
... more. Who doesn't do that at times? Well, she gets her wish. And all kinds of things start to happen, in her own life as well as the other inhabitants of the sleepy little village in Ireland, where she lives. This is chick lit, no doubt about it, but it does has several subplots and surprises lurking in its pages. Highly entertaining and great escapism. less
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Not her best book, but still pretty funny. Definitely had bits where I cracked up laughing.
This was a good book, with interesting characters and a lot of surprises.
A fun, quick chick lit read. Pure candy, no redeeming social value. ; )
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