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Sur Mesure (2000)

by Catherine McKenzie(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
2896902058 (ISBN13: 9782896902057)
review 1: Surprising enjoyable chick lit. Anne is feeling a bit left out as all her friends seem to be getting married, having children, etc. and decides to take a chance on a dating service -- except, well, it's about setting up a MARRIAGE, not just a date. Fun storyline, and although the arranged marriage concept does seem foreign to the western mindset, Anne sees it has some advantages. Lots of self-doubt, drinking, a bit of swearing, but surprisingly clean (yes, they have sex but we're spared a detailed play by plan). There's a nice twist, and my only complaint is the way it's wrapped up after the bomb is dropped... After the detailed build-up of the characters, it seems a shame that there isn't a stronger ending. Still, I really enjoyed it and may even read it a... moregain.
review 2: Anne Shirley Blythe (No. Not that Anne Shirley) is unlucky in love and after her latest break up, she decides to do something drastic. She enlists the help of a private company that arranges marriages. Given so much heartbreak, she decides to abandon control and to entrust her future to the fate of an arranged marriage and that's where this novel gets interesting. There's some musing on arranged marriage in the modern era while Anne tries to figure where love fits into the equation.I loved the tiny homage to Anne of Green Gables and the mystery of Blythe and Co. (Yes. The secretive and private company that matches couples is also named Blythe.) I found this novel surprisingly engrossing and thought-provoking. Will Anne finally find her Gilbert? less
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Best beach read I've read in awhile. Great story, great characters. A must read!
Loved the book! Disappointing ending ...
A complete twist! I like it ;-)
Fluffy fun chick lit....
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