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Touched By Darkness (2000)

by Catherine Spangler(Favorite Author)
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The Sentinels
review 1: Dr. Kara Cantrell moved to Zorro, Texas with her son Alex because nothing exciting ever happened there. It was quiet and safe. Until the murders started and the gorgeous Damien Morgan showed up. Kara senses immediately that he's a Sentinel - a protector of good and warrior against the evil Belians - and flees his presence. She can't go through the nightmare she experienced with her husband years ago. No more Sentinels in her life. Except her son is one, and untrained, he's a beacon to the Belian. Damien offers his help in return for Kara helping him. If they can't work together, the monster that prowls Zorro will not only have her and Damien, but her son as well.A fantastic first book in this paranormal romance series. The mythology of Atlantis was original and fascinating... more. It fertilizes the ground so amazing stories can spring from it. The characterization is great. I'm a fan of Kara. A strong and intelligent widower determined to give her son a happy and normal childhood. My heart went out to her. Damien frustrated me at a few points, but he redeemed himself. Alex is a sweet and smart kid. As a mom, I'd be proud to have him as my son.It's a fast-paced tale with a few dips down to slow when there's explanations of utilizing their powers. Yet it's the first book and sometimes these bits are necessary. I'm eager to continue reading on to the next book in the series.
review 2: This book delivers exactly what it promises, with well developed characters, a solid mystery, and just the right balance between plot and romance. The writing is seamless - every time I picked it up, I had trouble putting it back down.While this book does have sex scenes, they dance an elegant line between explicit and implied. The romance between the two characters is believable, and I really liked the tension involved in it. This isn't my usual fare, but I'm making an exception for the author's other books, because she's a writer worth reading. less
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Boring, stereotypical and what on earth is that model wearing on his head?
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