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Fin & Lady: A Novel (2013)

by Cathleen Schine(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 2
0374154902 (ISBN13: 9780374154905)
Sarah Crichton Books
review 1: Never really liked the main characters nor especially Lady's behavior. Definitely tried to make this a 1960's love fest story displaying Greenwich Village as the free love place. Could not understand why 3 guys kept waiting for Lady to marry them but glad Fin could find some good in them to help him. Fin was lucky there was a housekeeper to keep him in a clean, well fed environment because although Lady loved Fin she would have destroyed him with her free spirit ways. Expected the ending for Fin and Lady because it was destined.
review 2: I like all of this authors novels. Fin and Lady drew me in immediately. The setting, NYC in the 60s, was fun to revisit. I wish the author had included something about the World's Fair, but realize she couldn't include everyth
... moreing happening during those years. Even with the wonderful characters, I grew impatient during the middle chapters, or maybe I should say I grew impatient with Lady who could get on one's nerves. Happy that I finished this book because the final chapters were charming with wonderful surprises and a superb ending. less
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She writes so well and with such an engaging voice. Easy read-- end was disappointing
I was very surprised by this book... I loved it
wanted to like it more than I did
great story. Coming of age
Loved it!
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