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Beach Trip (2009)

by Cathy Holton(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
0345505999 (ISBN13: 9780345505996)
Ballantine Books
review 1: Cathy Holton went through great length to tell us about the friendship between Mel, Sara, Annie and Lola. The four were roommates in college at a prestigious school called Bedford. Each had their own struggles during college as described in great detail. They come together 20 years later for a week at Lola's beach house. They get used to each other again and bear the most weighty part of their problems. I enjoyed reading about the lives of these women, but I thought that the writing had a little too much descriptions of the landscape that wasn't necessarily important to the story. I was surprised in the end as to who was married to whom, but that is part of the fun of reading.
review 2: I like this formula...college friends reuniting after many years
... more spent apart. The book definitely kept me turning pages. Nothing surprised me, however, and you can pretty much see every plot twist coming a mile away. Holton needs a better editor. Briggs is twice referred to as a former prep school quarterback, there are at least two conversations about snoring, Lola says twice she would love a beach wedding, twice their last night they say they should get together more often, I think Annie says twice that she doesn't watch TV, and in the final chapter there are two references to Nashville coming into view and Annie and Mitchell holding hands. less
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Couldn't keep my interestGave up before I reached 100 pages
Did not enjoy at all. Boring.
great summer read
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