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Must Be Love (2010)

by Cathy Woodman(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
0099543575 (ISBN13: 9780099543572)
Talyton St. George
review 1: I enjoyed the 1st book a lot more but in this book Maz (which makes me think of cars every time) becomes really annoying with all the Whining over getting pregnant, then she turns into a coward as well re her supposed best friend, then her best friend turns into a total witch. By the end I wasn't sure who I hated more! The only thing that kept me reading was the animal stories. The vet part is great, the villagers and their ups & downs are good too, and Alex is quite yummy. Oh yeah I think the author doesn't like women because there really isn't a single redeemable woman in the book. The teen girl is stereotypically annoying and naive, the older receptionist is stereotypically nosey and tattletale... Maybe just stick to the animals?
review 2: Loved this book. I
... moret had been a while since I read the first one in the series, but I picked this up in a charity shop the other day and haven't been able to put it down. I adore all the vet detail and I think there was even more of it in this novel. Love Alex, the boyfriend and the various relationships with the vet surgery staff, Alex's posh family and rival vet practice, as well as the various pillars of society of the village. The introduction of a surfer vet and an EMO vet assistant brought things more up to date also. Loved the relationship angst between the two best friends and thought the pregnancy related issues were very well dealt with indeed. Lots of drama, in-fighting and it still manages to be a very sweet chick lit, similar to Katie Fforde, but with animals! less
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I love this series- must buy the next one soon. A lovely, comfy read for the summer.
I really enjoyed book 2. Same fun cast of characters. Will read on!!!!
enjoyed this will have to look out for her other books
just as good as the first
Good read.
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