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Dandy Gilver And The Proper Treatment Of Bloodstains (2011)

by Catriona McPherson(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 1
0312654189 (ISBN13: 9780312654184)
Minotaur Books
Dandy Gilver
review 1: This was the first Dandy Gilver novel that I have read, and I have been very impressed. I like the 'country house murder with tons of suspects'-type of mystery, and this one fits the bill perfectly. The heroine reminds me of Maisie Dobbs and the plot, of an Agatha Christie mystery, both favorites of mine. An added bonus was the surprise villain , and I have read so many mysteries that it is hard to surprise me! I will definitely be reading more of this series.
review 2: Another in the 'aristocratic lady' realm of detective fiction. Fans of Molly Murphy or Mrs. Bradley might enjoy these, too. In this one, 'Dandy' hires on as a lady's maid. The lady in question (Mrs. Balfour) is convinced her husband is going to kill her very soon. Fortunately for her, and unfort
... moreunately for Mr. Balfour, he is killed before he has the chance. In this 'locked house' whodunit, which of the servants did the deed? less
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I loved this Dandy Gilver mystery which is set mainly in Edinburgh during the 1926 General Strike.
Love these books. It's like having discovered a new Dorothy L.Sayers.
Enjoyable. I needed to read her earlier adventures first.
An enjoyable read with the twists and turns
Easy reading, good fun and nicely plotted.
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