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El último Unicornio (2000)

by C.C. Humphreys(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 2
8484417239 (ISBN13: 9788484417231)
review 1: I would rather have given 3.5 stars, but the interface doesn't allow that so we'll settle for 3. This book didn't have the intensity or depth (and certainly not the plethora of impalements) that some of Chris's other work has, but it was still a pleasure to read. Young or old, we have that place within us that dreams of unicorns and this story speaks to that part of us. It takes the old tales of magical beasts and breaths some new life into them.
review 2: (More like 3.4-3.5 stars) I read this book all the way through in one sitting. The writing style and story was engaging, but I did have some nit-picky things about the characters. I did love the details around the history of the tapestries created in this story. I'm happy to see that our heroine learns and ho
... morenors her promises to her most true friend (Moonspill). Still, I feel that the other characters were a bit underdeveloped. The king-elect, Leo, is one example in the fantasy story. He does some noble things like save Elayne from the griffin; but then he goes around and does crooked things like hunting these beasts so cruelly. At times he claims to want to step out of his father's hunter shadow, but then again he could be playing a political card that way. I see a strange reflection of him in Moonspill, who has his own inner rage and and troubles dealing with his ancestors. Both in a sense are trapped (at odds) with tradition and ideas of heroic greatness. I wish that we could have picked his brain more to understand his reasoning, along with Marc's (did a whole 180) and Amaryllis's (came across as a spoiled brat). Especially Marc, who seemed to be on the "weaver" side from the get-go. He doesn't fully explain his reasoning for helping Elayne and building up her hope (and playful flirtations), then stabbing her in the back like that near the end. I can get he wants to help his sister marry the prince. But it's like he feels no guilt about the girl and unicorn who helped him in the past. I think he could have redeemed himself if he had helped in some form at the end again (playing a double agent). While I believe this may be a stand-alone, I think it would be interesting to revisit Goloth again. Perhaps Elayne is called back by Moonspill and is meant to help him restore some order to riotous Goloth and the fabulous beasts that may now be encroaching into the city (seriously bring them some democracy). Maybe Leo and Marc could redeem themselves a bit in a sequel, or at least develop into more ambitious villains. less
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It was all I could do to finish. This book isn't interesting at all.
All i can say is WOW this is a powerhouse read! LOVED it!
4.5 stars
Mar 8th
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