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Easy Pickings (2000)

by C.E. Murphy(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I listened to the audio version.I have always love Jane Yellowrock ( Faith Hunter). This is a collaboration between FH and CE Murphy (whom I have never read).Am not really happy with witchy magic, (in urban fantasy) because they (the witches) can get out of insurmountable problems with magic, not skill or determination. But this book was pretty great, we have two pnr heroines in a world not their own, and between them with their various skills they save the day.Book set in New Orleans and these two heroines seem to bump into each other but it turns out that they have been brought together to help save an innocent.Jane- whom I am used to seemed to be edgier and more confident and has moved on a bit from the last book I read. Jo, I didn't know, a shamin is pretty cool too.Th... moreey are transported to another world which belongs to neither if them with the help of Laz (a gatekeeper). It is here they find out what their task involves.Jane's beast is stronger and Jo is able to "hear" her (the beasts) thoughts, so they can co-ordinate even when Jane is in Beast form. It is only a short story but it pack a lot in.
review 2: If it were a book book, I'd probably give this 3.5, but since it's a short story it gets 4 stars. It's hard to make a short story good and I really enjoyed this. I love that the two characters got together. I wish more authors would do this. Cat and Bones meets Kate and Curran. =)Although, these two work better because there are enough commonalities despite the different worlds. Jane has magic users so it fits with the way it was tweaked. I hope there are more of these to come. less
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i just can't get into Jane Yellowrock, but as always i love Joanne Walker
Loved the idea of two separate worlds being combined. Great read.
Love this team-up with two fave characters!
Loved the cross-over short story.
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