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The Book Lovers' Appreciation Society (2009)

by Cecelia Ahern(Favorite Author)
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1409117375 (ISBN13: 9781409117377)
Orion Books
review 1: Since this book is collection of stories by multiple authors ... it cannot be judged in its totality and rather needs to be taken on the basis of individual stories (which are ranging from nice to predictable to just ordinary). On the whole, the book is written for a cause (Breast Cancer) and the stories are donations by the authors... therefore even expecting amazing would be silly on the readers' part! Suggest you look at it as what it REALLY is ... our little bit for charity!!! :-)
review 2: A collection of short stories written by a number of top-selling authors – mainly British – in order to support a good cause: Breast Cancer Care.It’s a book for women and about women. Old ones and young ones. Women in love, women looking for love, and women getting
... more out of love. Women who are hurt, who fail and who succeed. Women who are happy with what they have and women who are tired of it all and step up to make a daring change. Women who cherish friendship and motherhood. It’s all the women we can be. As Geri Halliwell wrote in the introduction, this book is “like a cosy box of chocolates, each story has its individuality and comfort”. less
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good collection of short stories; some very interesting, some a bit less. All in all, worth a read!
I have got to know more about women's life at different age and there are some touching stories.
Stories from the most loveliest writers...!
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