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El Enigma De La Atlántida (2009)

by Charles Brokaw(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 1
8492833041 (ISBN13: 9788492833047)
Thomas Lourds
review 1: Una novela de acción, mezclada con arqueología, misterio y datos históricos, la cual es relativamente interesante. Atrapa desde el principio, pero esos sí, comienza muy lento y el final sobreviene precipitado. Yo esperaba que nos hablaran más respecto del libro del conocimiento que, según esta novela, los humanos le robaron al primer hijo de dios, pero pues no se pudo. Es una novela sin pena ni gloria, si no se lee no se pierde uno de nada; es, mejor dicho, un libro palomero.
review 2: The story starts out a little slow but then picks up. The author gets quite detailed in his descriptions providing a good idea of what's happening or where the character is. Overall it was a good book with Thomas Lourds being an entertaining character. The reporter Leslie
... morewas a headache but I guess you need one in every book. It provides for a little diversity. Gallardo the hired thug was a good bad guy. Someone I'd never want to cross paths with in real life. I liked the book because the bad guys didn't get away in the end and the book had a happy closure with a little humor. My interest was the storyline's scientific and archeology perspective as I tend to gravitate towards that kind. This was my first time reading Brokaw and I'll probably read another. less
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Likeable adventure tale....I'm interested enough to read his next one.
Great read but the ending left too many unresolved stories,
A fantastic adventure. 2011
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