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The Lucifer Code (2010)

by Charles Brokaw(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 4
0765320932 (ISBN13: 9780765320933)
Forge Books
Thomas Lourds
review 1: My inner was doing a happy dance...Here is a mystery with ancient history and intrigue and a little sexual tension...Charles takes 444 pages to get the Passage of Omens ...but between chapters 23 and 24, 10 days have passed...and the most important things that Thomas is looking for are mentioned in two paragraphs in p470 and suddenly we have a new focus... last few chapters follow what you expect but there is suddenly a supernatural element that feels like the author has used it to get out of a situation rather than incorporating it throughout....Very interesting ideas but the finish was soft
review 2: A light page-turner about the pursuit of a lost companion document to the Book of Revelation. Dr. Thomas Lourdes, a linguist, maybe the world's best linguist,
... moreis swept into the quest for the Scroll of Joy while in Istanbul. As events go awry in the Middle East, Lourdes reels from one conflict to the next, trying to avert the end of the world.There are some fun moments, a great sidekick in gun-smuggling gun for hire Cleena and a lot of fun chases through catacombs and underground chambers. The book edges into dark fantasy territory but is really a cousin to the Da Vinci Code. Those who enjoy authors such as Dan Brown, Steve Berry and Raymond Khoury should like it. less
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A faster paced version of Dan Brown's Books; though the ending is a little far fetched.
Decent read but total fantasy about St. John of Patmos and Lucifer.
Took a while to get into it, but not a bad read in the end.
Love Thomas Lourds!
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