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The Fuller Memorandum (2010)

by Charles Stross(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 1
044101867X (ISBN13: 9780441018673)
Ace Hardcover
Laundry Files
review 1: It may be pointless reviewing this book other than to say, this is the third in the series, don't start here. Start with the Atrocity Archives and if you later end up here, you'll know why.This was third and my least favourite so far of the Laundry files, and makes me worry a little that I've fallen into a Discworld type trap where the author has come up with a unique and initially interesting scenario, but then starts turning the handle to churn out the same novel again and again (Sorry Terry P, but I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest it). The story here is pretty mundane (once the fantastical elements are assumed), disjointed (was the violin element actually needed? it didn't really interface with the rest of the story or achieve anything independently), and the main e... morelement similar to the 2nd book. Incidentally it is also the darkest and most violent of the series so far. I like the concept and like the author, though I have the feeling I should be reading his non-laundry books in preference.3 stars, hoping for more in the 4th installment
review 2: Have to say that I found in certain places that I laughed out loud at certain places throughout reading this.It certainly made me chuckle and I kept trying not to smile, when it made pop culture references, as they were so apt and spot on. Like Jim Butchers character Harry Dresden, when the main character made reference to him.Why was the major villain Iris. I really liked her and she was the best manager Bob had. :(I have to say that I kept laughing, it was too funny. I actually guessed that the soul eater was actually XXXX. I hope he doesn't die, as he alluded to. I don't like the factor that there are 2 leaks in the laundry. Also Bob and his wife, have split at the beginning of the book due to the incidents bob is recording in him memoires. less
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Dale gave 5 stars; Tony 4 stars - enjoyed first book in series.
Good concept and pretty well executed. Good fun read.
Awesome, as always!
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