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Goading The Enforcer (2012)

by Charlie Richards(Favorite Author)
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1771111011 (ISBN13: 9781771111010)
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Wolves of Stone Ridge
review 1: Once again there is something about an assassin that is so dang attractive. The fact that Jared is human who can hold his own amongst a pack of wolves and other animals is doubly attractive. I like his no-nonsense attitude and the fact that he just accepts things as they are. He really doesn't care how others view him, with the exception of Carson, his mate. Even then, he's determined to prove that Carson belongs with him despite a few stumbles along the way. His sarcastic, sometimes jarring, personality kind of reminds me of my own in that we both tend to just be bluntly honest even if we know feelings will be hurt.While my heart went out to Carson's hesitations/doubts about their relationship, I was firmly behind Jared and his decisions, probably because I could see myse... morelf making the same ones.
review 2: Many times a series gets weaker as it progresses, but in this case I've found that the storytelling has been getting stronger. The characters are more intricate and interesting in their back history making it so much more challenging than just the fated mate pairings. The plot includes the current romance pair, but also an ongoing thread with the mysterious humans that seek to do experimentation.In this particular story, there was the pairing of Carson, the wolf pack enforcer who has been a regular secondary character since the beginning of the series, sworn to uphold the laws and protect others with his fated mate being a human paid assassin with a history in special forces and intel work. Carson is conflicted. He feels attracted to the handsome, outspoken human and an eagerness to mate with Jared because he knows that this is the only mate life will give him, but his mate is a straight man who kills for money. He decides to take a wait and see approach, but Jared's bold schemes push him and take the decision out of his hands.Jared is also conflicted about his attraction to Carson because he's never swung that way before. He knows about the existence of shifters thanks to his old military buddy, Grady who calls him in to help in a rescue mission to free Dagus who was captured by the secret human group who experimented on shifters and Lyle. Jared discovers through eavesdropping that Carson thinks that Jared is his mate. Unfortunately, Jared leaps into action without knowing enough about the consequences when it comes to Carson thus forcing his own life and Carson's down a certain path.Definitely one of the best stories in the series if not the best! Looking forward to the next installment! less
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Loved the back and forth between these two. Made me laugh out loud. Got a few funny looks.
I loved Jared; he was tough as nails but sweet too!
Jared is my favorite
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