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Seduction & Scandal (2011)

by Charlotte Featherstone(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 1
0373775873 (ISBN13: 9780373775873)
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The Brethren Guardians
review 1: DNF!Although I liked the hero and how his character is shown, the heroine Isabella didnt appeal much to me. She was shown as weak and oscillating a lot between Black and Knighton. One moment she gets all hot for black and the next moment she says she ll stick with Knighton. Such a BS!I definitely do not like heroines who cant decide who she wants atleast to their own selves! I understand if Isabella is not able to convey her thoughts out but atleast she cud have accepted the fact tat she wants black. Well, there were few sentences where she says this but its far from convincing.Isabella's character lacks depth and she and Lucy seems to have nothing else to talk other than their different backgrounds and getting hots for men.I also liked the concept of templars, chalice and... more pendant between the brethren but the hero/heroine story didnt gel wid that concept.Too many things pushed into the same story simultaneously and nothing kept me hooked to the storyline though the sexual scenes were hot.Bottomline, I didnt like Isabella. She lacks depth and she s a scared cat!
review 2: Isabella Fairmont is an orphan that has been taken in by her uncle and cousin. She is shadowed with her past of a mother who was ruled by desire instead of making a proper match. Isabella has sworn that she will not make the same mistake as her mother as is determined to find a proper husband and be a respectable wife. She is being courted by a historian Mr. Knighton who is just what she needs. Things are going fine until one night she is at a ball and gets introduced to Lord Black who is everything she doesn't want. The only problem is she can't seem to deny herself from him.I liked this story although I felt that there was a little too much going on. Instead of making it just a love story the author tried to add in the story of the Knights of the Templar, which made the story confusing at times. I liked the concept but I just don't know if it quite worked. I did like Isabella and Lord Black and I thought their characters were well developed. The story just kept switching back and forth too much between the mystery plot and the love plot.I give this 3 stars. less
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totally scandalous.... its different and unique... give it a try you ll never regret
I was more interested in the secondary characters. It also seemed a bit repetitious.
A little tooo insta-love even for a Historical Romance
The first part was good, but then it just got boring.
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